I see trees of green, red roses too, I see them bloom for me and you, And I think to myself what a wonderful world

We are a hen sanctuary with a mission to save as many ex-commercial hens as possible from slaughter.
We give the hens a retirement home with plenty of space to roam that will allow them to spread their wings, re-grow their feathers, feel sunshine on their backs and walk on grass for the very first time.
They can dustbathe to their hearts content and eat as much nutritious food as they want!


What we do

We save as many ex-commercial hens from slaughter as we can and give them a home in a safe, caring environment that will allow them to exhibit their natural behaviours. We provide the hens with a large coop and run, protected by electric fencing with plenty of space to roam, dustbathe to their hearts content, and as much nutritious food as they want! We combine our love of hens with our passions for gardening, woodwork, photography and technology to bring all of these things together to create this venture.


Why we do it

All commercial hens in the UK are slaughtered at approximately 72 weeks old and those hens that are caged have never been given an identity, seen daylight, pecked at grass, or been able to dustbathe - we want to give as many hens as we can the chance to do these things. We've seen through the hens we've rehomed their personalities emerging and the transformation that occurs when a hen is given space to move, and an environment to flourish in, and the rewards that having these lovely creatures as pets can bring.


How we do it

We have set up Under My Wing, a hen sanctuary that we will use to help realise our ambitions. We currently have around 50 hens but want to add a lot more - our vision is a field of brown hens rescued from slaughter and enjoying their retirement! We have a new electric fence and a shed that will soon become a coop and the enthusiasm, passion and commitment to make this happen. We will use the blog to record our journey, and the website to provide helpful guides and articles as both a reference for ourselves and also an aid for others.

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